Meet And Greet Service

Meet & Greet Service

Rickmansworth Minicabs utilizes the modern Mini cabs reservation systems for the local resident so they can book a Mini cab easily. We have a new dispatching system for the reservation of the Mini cab for customer easily. Our dispatching system can record booking of half year. We can easily book a Mini cab by recalling the recent trips of the concern customer on our system to minimize time of the passenger. Our drivers are dutiful and licensed by TFL that help them in dealing the customer easily. We deal our passenger effortlessly and cautiously and take care of all the stuff they have like hand baggage and baggage. Your time is our time which is very valuable to us because that is you anticipate from us as we don’t make errors to resolute trust on our administration. We provide meet and greet Mini cab service where we write a highlighted name of the passenger on a cardboard and stay in the lobby and wait until the passenger lands. We provide meet and greet service free and give the best minicab transportation service. We have established the business for the facility of the passenger and we pride ourselves for providing the well known minicab service in Rickmansworth from last 20 years.